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    Posted on June 30th, 2014

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    Sporting Teams in Boston

    Boston is known as one of the most popular and oldest cities in America. Having been the intellectual, medical, educational and even the financial center of the nation at one point, Boston is also known for its eager support and finance of many professional sports. In fact its history in sports is almost as deep as the city’s own treasured history. Perhaps the most famous of all of their sporting histories is their foray into Basketball, with the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are one of the founding members of Major League Baseball’s American League, and only one of four leagues who still play in the city that they were founded in. Fenway Park is the home stadium of the Red Sox.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Boston was where the very first game in the very first World Series occurred, all the way back in 1903. This series was played by the Red Sox who were known then as ‘The Americans’, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Red Sox were the winners of that series, as well as seven more. The Boston Red Sox is home to a great many legendary players – members of the Hall of Fame such as the great Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams among many others.

    Baseball isn’t the only professional sport that Boston shines in – the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association are just as legendary as their baseball counterparts. As a matter of fact the Celtics are historically known to still have more World Championship titles than any other team, with a staggering 17 championships. Like the Red Sox, many Celtics players have gone on to become legendary in their own right and entering the hall of fame such as Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, Bob Cousy, Larry Bird and John Havlicek among many more.

    And yet despite all of these heavy hitters, Boston is famous still for its ice hockey team, the Boston Bruins. They were the first American member of the famous National Hockey League and were part of the Original Six, having won their sixth Stanley Cup in 2011. Just like basketball and baseball, there are also ice hockey members who made it to the hall of fame. This includes names such as the legendary Bobby Orr, Mitt Schmidt, Raymond Bourque and Eddie Shore.

    Last but not least, Boston is known to be the place where American Football originated. The New England Patriots, a team that needs no introduction – owe most of their fame and reputation to Boston and its rich history in professional sports.

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    Posted on June 30th, 2014

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    Boston in the Spotlight

    Boston is known as one of the oldest cities in America. It was incorporated into a town all the way back in 1630, and it finally became a recognized city in 1822. Being one of the oldest cities, it is steeped in an absolutely rich social and economic history. When it was first created, the town was only about improving the homestead – now it is a city known for great political changes. Without a shadow of a doubt, Boston has evolved from a simple town into New England’s cultural and economic hub. Known for having some of the finest inpatient hospitals, Boston is now teeming with activity, housing a staggering 617,000 residents. Aside from the hospitals it is also famous for its educational institutions and its foray into professional sports.

    During the time of the American Revolution, Boston was completely engulfed by the war. The British, angered by the Boston Tea Party retaliated in force which the patriots met with even more vigor. The patriots ended up besieging the city, starting with the famously great battle over at Bunker Hill and ending with the Siege of Boston – with the British being forced to evacuate Boston. However, it took its toll on the poor city as the blockade caused its already shaky economy to fall on its face.

    The city did not recover until 1880, when it was finally able to once again take the mantle as the central hub in the region of New England. During this time Boston was very famous for being the educational, medical and intellectual center of the great nation. It even shared the distinction as being the financial center, next to New York. During the Civil War, Boston was famously known for hosting plenty of activities that condemned slavery. In the 19th century, the city found itself facing a political change when it became spearheaded by the Boston Brahmins. Eventually, political control ended up in the hands of a simple Irish family – the Kennedys.

    During the Industrial era Boston played an incredibly important role, as its finance was what kept the textile mills and railroads going. Finally, when the 21st century came rolling along, Boston went back to its roots. It began to focus once more on medicine and education. However, this time around they also began focusing on new technologies. Boston eventually settled with biotechnology, as many of the towns that surrounded the great city became part of its suburbs.

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    Boston Nursing Careers

    Photo by Walt Stoneburner and reproduced under Creative Commons

    To some, the prospect of a career in nursing might not be too exciting. They do not get the same recognition that the more prestigious careers do and there are only very few who sing its praises. All of this despite the fact that so many people go for a nursing career. Though it seems rather likely that people choose it because they think it is an easier career choice than becoming a doctor. While it is certainly more expensive to go the path of the doctor, it is certainly no easier. The amount of effort that a nurse clocks in day in and day out can be staggering to be sure.

    Fortunately, despite all of the misguided views on nursing, there are many people who walk into this career headstrong with a passion to serve. Areas such as Boston are also all too happy to accept these eager healthcare providers, giving them a chance to truly show the world what they can do. Nurse Practitioners are very much welcome in Boston, as they have a rather impressive array of centers that are very much willing to take them in.

    For those who are interested in becoming a family nurse practitioner, Marathon Health in the Greater Boston Area can help. They are one of the leading providers of healthcare – particularly onsite so it can be quite exciting. On the other hand, those looking to be a nurse practitioner/physician’s assistant can look no further than the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. This center is known for how well they treat their nurses, always providing as much support as they can to any who are willing to work with them.

    On the other hand, a psychiatric nurse practitioner can enjoy their career with medical doctor associates in the Greater Boston Area. Those who are interested in working at the reputable Massachusetts General Hospital can look no further as they are looking for a manager of advanced practice in cardiac surgery which is something a nurse practitioner can do, and do well.

    Registered nurses also have a place to call their career home as the Commonwealth Care Alliance is more than willing to take them in. They have absolutely everything that a registered nurse needs to feel right at home – such as skilled facilities, rehab hospitals, nursing homes and the like. There is also a vascular program for nurse practitioners over at the famed Boston Medical Center. There are even more positions available for any and all registered nurses who are willing to reach out and grab opportunity’s hand.

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    Posted on August 14th, 2014

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    Boston Colleges Create Payday Loan Service for Students

    With the downturn in the economy almost everyone is cash-strapped. From a business executive to a student, everybody is feeling the financial crunch. If you are in dire financial straits and in immediate need of money, payday loans can be of great help.

    A payday loan is a short-term loan for small amounts. You write a post-dated personal check for the amount you need to borrow plus a fee in exchange for cash. The lender holds on to the check and cashes it on the agreed date or usually on payday. These loans are also called cash advance loans or check advance loans. Although there might be other ways to get money fast, this is a hassle free way of getting money if you don’t have any savings and need cash to hold you out until the next payday. These cash advances can cater for unexpected expenses like vehicle breakdown or medical emergencies. The requirements for taking the loan are, you will need a bank account, a source of regular income and provide your identification.

    The idea from proving this service to the student community came from a University from Spain (Universidad de Madrid), were in 2012 a small beta program was created to promote alternative financial help for students in the community. Here is the original mission statement of the program:

    El programa de préstamos inmediatos para estudiantes de la comunidad tiene como objetivo ofrecer asistencia a la hora de pedir un crédito online sin necesitad de un fiador. La meta principal es poder expandir el programa a diferente universidades alrededor del mundo para que mucho más estudiantes puedan gozar de los beneficios de este tipo de préstamos y responder a cualquier pregunta frecuentes sobre mini préstamos.

    Translation: The main objective of the Payday loan program for the student community is to offer assistance at the time of requesting for an online loan. The main goal is to expand the program to other universities around the world in order to share the benefits of this types of loans and clear any doubts about them.

    Some of the advantages of payday loans are:

    1. Payday loans are fast and to acquire.
    2. No stringent qualifying requirements as the borrowed amounts are only for a short period.
    3. Can be applied by borrowers who are ineligible for others forms of credit.
    4. Avoid incurring bank charges in case your check bounces.
    5. Avoid missed payments and unpaid bills.

    In a community you cannot always expect your bank, friends or family to bail you out in case of a financial emergency. Payday loans services have been coming up in the Boston area and people can make use of these services. Also Boston area has got a great student community. The finances of college students are even more strained compared to others. Payday loan service for students can be made use for the student’s immediate financial needs.

    Overall, if you would like to know more information regarding where to ask for a payday loan near your area or what are the requirements to apply for one, don’t hesitate to contact us. I already have a big list of informative websites that I would like to share with you.

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    Posted on August 9th, 2014

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    Gunsmithing Prospects in Watertown, MA

    The city of Watertown, lying in the Greater Boston Area, with its population of some 33,000 is a city with a lot of potential for young, aspiring gunsmiths. The area around this city is scattered with several well reputed, expert gunsmiths and firearms experts who are able to offer expert advice and training on the handling, repairing, maintenance and restoration of old and new firearms. There is Boston Firearms LLC, New England Firearms Academy, Four Season Firearms, Ammo Bunker and Precision Point Firearms LLC, all within 10 miles of Watertown.

    What is noteworthy however, is the complete absence of a well reputed gunsmith expert within the city’s confines. This vacuum provides an excellent opportunity for a professional gun expert / qualified hobbyist to start up their own gunsmithing shop in Watertown, Massachusetts. Where gun enthusiasts previously had to travel outside the city to get their qualifications, seek advice regarding repairing / purchasing / restoring a weapon, they can get it much closer to their home, from your newly opened business. Moreover, because there is no direct competition within the city, you can actually become successful very quickly and easily.

    Besides offering advice on guns and training people in their use, you could offer a limited number of apprenticeships at your gunsmithing business for those who have the spark. This would help your business to blend in with the community and boost the image of your business in the local populace’s view as more and more amateurs get schooled in the art of gunsmithing at your business. The true mark of a hobbyist is that they do not ask to be paid for the chance of pursuing it, especially if it holds the promise of future earnings. With this in mind, you can measure up the candidates for your apprenticeship classes on the basis of their dedication and willingness to learn. Not only will you be sharing your knowledge of the art, you will also get an able assistant to help you in handling the affairs of the shop. If you continue this tradition, you may even be able to open a full time gunsmithing school in the area, since there is a dearth in Watertown for those too.

    Coming to the financial prospects of pursuing a gunsmithing profession in Watertown, you should know that the average salary of a gunsmith in Watertown is $60,532. Starting out, you can expect a salary of some $49,849 which can rise to about $71,214 after you have put some time into your profession. The salary for gunsmiths in this city is higher than the average but living in this city is also 50% more expensive than the average national cost. Simply put, the potential for a gunsmithing establishment is enormous in Watertown simply because there is no one else to cater to the needs of the citizens, and this, coupled with the aforementioned apprenticeship strategy, can definitely enable you to overcome any initial hurdles quite easily. So if you are someone who has experience in running gunsmithing schools or have graduated from an extensive gunsmithing course, Watertown is definitely a place to ply your trade.

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    Watertown Segment Of Tri-City Trail Gets $1.6 Million Upgrade

    If you’re an avid runner or walker or just enjoy getting out into nature sometimes you may have noticed some construction underway on the Tri-City trail, specifically the Watertown segment. The official opening of the new trail was on July 21 and the entire point of the project was to increase the views along the Charles River, which will increase the amount of people that will be able to experience it by making it more accessible to the locals.

    The approving of this trail improvement required  the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Town of Watertown, the Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown Commission of Disability, the Bilezikian Family Foundation, and the Watertown Foundation to come up with $1.6 million dollars all together to make it happen.

    So what did they improve on from the old trail?

    Well if you were an avid user of the old path you will know it looked a bit neglected, but you will now notice that better street crossings along with a completely new trail along the Charles River, improved shore access and better accessibility for individuals who suffer from sight loss or are visually impaired.

    However, the pathway is still not quite perfect as there are many branches that lie along the pathway, which detract from the natural beauty. There is also a lot of poison oak along the trails so before the project can be deemed complete, it will be important to make sure all of that is taken care of, which will likely take some more fundraising or volunteering from the local community.

    If you’ve been looking to get into shape recently then this is just the thing to give you some added motivation to get out there on the trails and go for a run or walk to burn some of those extra calories you have been eating, while also giving you some stunning views of the riverfront.

    I myself have been getting into fitness recently with a goal to lose weight and burn more muscle and one of my favorite activities recently has been to get my best pre workout brand out of the pantry, mix up a shake and head out on a this tri-city trail, and run to the gym. It took me a while to choose the right pre workout drink for me, but now I never leave home without it, because it makes my gym workouts so much more effective.

    I also enjoy just going on long walks with my camera along the new pathway to do some people watching or take some nature style photos when the light is good. Every time I go I find something new and interesting to explore and take photos of, all the while getting some nice exercise.

    The new path is also a great place to end the evening with a nice stroll after dinner or even before dinner with a date. The path offers great water views, which make it a nice addition to the evening activities.

    So get out there on that new trail, enjoy the beauty and use it as an excuse to get a workout in to get healthier!

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    Posted on August 4th, 2014

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    Drinking Water: What’s in the water in Watertown?

    Water. It’s the most basic human necessity. It makes up roughly 70% of our Earth, and an equally large percentage of our bodies. We drink it, bathe in it, clean with it, it’s everywhere. But what’s really in it?

    The additives in our water vary from state to state, and place to place. For this reason, the water in our pipes at Watertown will be different to the water that our neighbors receive. This article will inform you on the most common additives you can expect to find in our water.

    Water that is entirely pure is a rare occurrence; it is inevitable that there are going to be trace amounts of various chemicals found in every water supply. However, as long as the amounts of these chemicals are kept at low enough levels, they do not pose a threat. Because of this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set standards to keep the public water supply as clean as possible. Every chemical in water is measured in terms of milligrams per liter, and each one has a limit as to how high the milligrams per liter rate can be before the water supply is deemed unfit.



    Fluoride, for example, has a limit of 4 mg/L. While this is often a water additive used for dental hygiene, it is also found naturally in water due to the erosion of natural fluoride deposits. As long as exposure is controlled and monitored, it is not a safety concern. Prolonged exposure from any water supply with levels above the EPA limit could lead to bone disease, and in children, mottled teeth.



    Mercury, which can also be found naturally due to deposit erosion, has a much smaller limit of 0.002 mg/L. As most people are aware, prolonged exposure to mercury is toxic and can cause mercury poisoning. The main side effect of this is severe kidney damage. The good news is, that mercury levels are closely watched by the EPA, so there is very little risk or high deposits in our water at Watertown.



    Even chlorine, which is used to disinfect drinking water and rid it of harmful pathogens, can be harmful if not regulated. Chlorine has a limit of 4 mg/L, and prolonged exposure to levels above that limit can cause eye and nose irritation and stomach discomfort.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also a number of vital nutrients that can be found in water. While water originally does not contain any added nutrients, it can absorb certain minerals that can then be delivered to your body.


    Magnesium and calcium

    Magnesium and calcium, for instance, can often be found in tap water, and the higher the levels of these 2 nutrients, the ‘harder’ the water rating. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and support bone health. Magnesium does the same, and also helps regulate blood pressure and heart rhythm. The amount found in water varies depending on where you live, especially since there are some places that choose to add a bit extra to the supply.

    In the Massachusetts area, the water is generally soft, meaning there is low levels of magnesium or calcium- approximately 1 grain per gallon. Watertown will share similar levels of hard water.

    Magnesium and calcium are beneficial for health, but not so helpful towards your home. High levels of these minerals can having damaging effects on your home’s plumbing and appliances. For this reason, most households choose to install a water softener. Visit http://watersoftenercritic.com for water softener reviews, ratings, and more information.


    Just as with the various chemicals, the addition of any nutrients to the public water supply is strictly overseen by the EPA. These additional nutrients, and the varying amounts found in different places are actually what account for water’s taste. While there are those that believe water can’t have a taste, and all water tastes the same, this is not the case. The differences may not be overtly noticeable, but they are there.

    It is also important to note that bottled water is not necessarily the better option. Bottled water companies tend to include the same additives that can be found in public water supplies, however, bottled water is regulated by the FDA, not the EPA. The EPA often has stricter regulations that must be adhered to.

    If you would like to be more confident on what’s in your water, a simple tester kit can be purchased online, with the results available in days.

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    Posted on July 28th, 2014

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    Hire Local Contractors – What’s In It For You?

    Moving to a small town like Watertown, Massachusetts cane still be a challenge for homeowners. A new house, a new business community, and a new set of everything can be overwhelming. Whether you own a house or an apartment in this quaint little town, there’s no denying the fact that you will be faced with a lot of problems like a leaking water heater or a faulty wiring, and hiring the right contractors or repairmen can help get rid of the problem for you.

    Black Rusty Colored Water

    But what goes into hiring the right contractors or repairmen, especially in a small town? Take note that there may be a chance of big-named contractors and repairmen in a small town like Watertown but there’s no guarantee that they’ll do a better job that their local contractors.

    The first thing that you should do is gather up your potential contractors. After skimming through the local directory or browsing for them online, it’s time to pick a handful of contractors or repairmen. Pick out at least 3 or 4 so you’ll have a back-up in case something goes wrong with your first choices. This will allow you to set-up a comparison between their services and their prices. Ideally, you should always go for the contractor that can offer more for less.

    This is going to be the second step: Comparison. Take into consideration the immensity of the project, like fixing a leaking water heater, and compare it with the prices given to you by the chosen contractors. A leaking water heater, despite its essence of being a leak, can be remedied through DIY techniques but it’s always good to hire the professionals. Apart from the price, you also need to compare their reviews and experiences. By getting reviews or testimonials from customers, you will have a solid idea of what you can expect out of their work and to determine if they are really worth the money.

    What’s in it for you when you hire the right contractors?

    Well, you get to help off small-sized contractors and agencies that employ repairmen in a small town as opposed to helping out the big corporate big wigs. This goes a long way into guaranteeing their continual service towards you and the rest of the community members. This will also allow them to improve and expand so you’d get better services.

    You also get to save money and time when you do work with the right contractors because the problem is immediately fixed and is fixed properly. Just because it’s a small leak doesn’t mean that it needs to be treated lightly. A leak can go a long way into making your water bill increase by a hundred dollars every month. That’s money that you could be saving for a vacation or a new gadget.

    When you work with the best contractors, it helps out a lot of people. You’re not only helping the employees, but you’re also helping them as members of the community.

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    Posted on July 28th, 2014

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    Unemployment Is Rising In Our Town

    Sadly, since the financial crisis, there have been a range of economic consequences following the collapse of the financial system and the bailouts of the banks.

    Of course the people who caused the problem, namely the bankers, are doing just great but for the average person in our small town the financial consequences have been serious. One of those consequences is the collapse in job opportunities available to people who live in this town.

    Our government would have us believe that everything is doing just great. The Federal Reserve has fixed all the problems, the economy is improving and everything is back to normal. Unfortunately this appears not to be the case. There has been a collapse in the value of our homes and this has not rectified itself and unemployment is becoming quite an issue, particularly in our town.

    One friend is reduced to working as a forklift driver

    This has been drawn to our attention recently as a close friend has been virtually unable to find work and has been reduced to working as a forklift driver. Of course he was required to obtain a forklift licence, so did so, so that he could work as a forklift driver, however this work is way below the skills that he possesses as well as offering a very significant reduction in salary.

    We have had a look at a number of recent newspapers in an attempt to see how the number of the job ads available now as comparing with how it was some years ago. We have quite a number of back issues of local newspapers and are able to make comparisons between the number of job advertisements that were available some years ago with a number of job advertisements that are currently available.

    And there seems, to us, to be a very significant reduction in the number of job advertisements at the moment. This is borne out by our own observations about the job market here.

    And of course the population of our town has grown and so the number of people looking for work has increased whilst the number of job advertisements has reduced.

    So clearly our friend, who is currently working as a forklift driver, has very limited options. He was previously employed as an accountant and was doing very well, and earning a very good income. Unfortunately, as he is now working as a forklift driver, his income has dropped significantly and he’s bringing home much less money to his family every week. Forklift drivers, in this town, are not paid particularly well.

    And of course being a forklift driver isn’t particularly interesting work. It’s manual labor and it’s pretty uninteresting, if not downright boring. For someone who is highly qualified, having spent quite some years at college, this is quite depressing being reduced to doing what amounts to manual labor.

    I don’t know what the future is for the young people in our town. Of course they can always try and find work as a forklift driver, however there aren’t that many positions open for forklift drivers. However finding real work, in other words work that suits the qualifications they have, is proving more and more difficult every day.

    Unfortunately the people of course this problem are not suffering as we are. However the people in our town are still suffering seriously from the consequences of the financial crisis.

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    10 Job Interview Strategies For Career Success in Watertown

    Job interviews need not be a mystery to anybody if they can follow through these simple steps:

    1. Have a thorough look at the company
    The best way to prepare yourself for an interview is to have a good understanding of the organization. Focus on the current events in that company so that you will can be confident you can tackle any relevant questions that may come up.

    2. Understand your resume
    It is your resume that speaks for you which is why it is recommended you have a thorough understanding of it. You should know that the interviewer has all the details about your resume so you should do well by having the content in your head.

    3. Have the interview emergency kit
    Many people fail the interview because they did not prepare well. There are interview kits that can be followed and some of them include possessing an extra copy of the resume, ways to the office, water, eye drops when necessary, notebooks and pens among others. These are necessary so that you will not be found wanting.

    4. Research the job description online
    If you get an invitation for interview one of the first things you have to do is to gather all the necessary information that you need to have about the job you have applied for as all the questions that may come up. In the case of, for example, a career in chiropractic, pay attention to specialist sites such as this, for chiropractic salary expectations etc. With the convenience of the internet, there is no excuse

    5. Establish rapport
    You should always be aware that there is very important to create the right first impression. This makes it absolutely necessary for the job seeker to build a rapport as soon as possible, with a firm handshake and a smile.

    6. Establish an eye contact
    Making good eye contact is a very important tool in interview processes. It is established that eye contact remains one of the main means of non verbal communication. It is capable of establishing a deep rooted friendship and can dramatically help you win in job interviews.

    7. Body language
    Like eye contact, so does the body language speak much about the job seeker. Adopt every strategy that will indicate that you are in control of yourself. You should be shining and radiating with confidence.

    8. Show the skills you have with good examples
    Many candidates for job interviews always fail when it comes to discussing their skills. That is why it is necessary that you have to understand your skills and showcase them to your interviewers.

    9. Be yourself
    A good candidate should always be composed at all times. When you are fully composed then you are likely to do well in the job interview process. Always show the interviewers that you are on top of your situation.

    10. Follow up promptly
    At the end of the job interview it is a good idea to have a follow up such as giving an appreciation note to the interview, such as through a follow up email.

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    A World of Visitors

    Recently, I was talking to the ladies in town about the number of visitors that we have seen in Watertown this year. It brought up some very interesting conversations about how different countries do things. From their local events, to their laws, and the various cultural differences it was a very educational talk and one we hope to have again. We laughed at ourselves, because we really did have a backward opinion about the people of other countries. The best part is that while we were learning about these other cultures, we also had the chance to learn how much we have in common with them.

    Just recently we were sharing information about the Great American Camp-Out with a family from Australia. While I knew that Australia was on the other side of the world, it never occurred to me that their seasons were different than ours. I just never thought about it honestly. While we’ve all been enjoying the spring rains, and warm summer days here in the states, back in Australia it’s actually winter. This got us talking about jobs and the husband, Doug, works in construction, we were talking about how not just anyone can get a license to do construction here in the States. That’s when Doug explained to us that he used this white card Australia based site when he started out in construction. He was impressed to hear that it was much like here in Massachusetts were you have to register with the state even if all you plan to do is work as a local handyman. Thinking about how having a local license makes us more comfortable hiring someone here in the states. We quite often look at someone from another area and imagine that they are less than qualified to do work here in the states simply because they are not trained here. 

    This talk with Doug and his family got me to thinking more about other professions that are licensed here in the States. We’ve all heard stories about doctors from other countries who come to the States and have to get a new license, the same thing has happened with lawyers. I’m sure if Doug would like to move to Watertown and settle down with his family he too would find that he had to get a new license, the white card would not be enough validation for the state of Massachusetts to let him work here. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as qualified. Which made me wonder if someone from the states would have the same concerns were they to move to Australia. We regulate so many aspects of our lives, even if you just want to get a job at a local convenience store you need to pass a test on the responsible sale of alcohol.  Out of curiosity this got me looking around and I found a website for information on RSA refresher courses in Australia.

    Funny isn’t it, how small our world really is?  So, the next time you’re walking around town and see someone from out of town. Stop and show them some Watertown hospitality. You just might find out a little more about this great big world we live in.


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    Posted on July 26th, 2014

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    What’s Going On with Vaping

    If you have happened to go around Watertown for the past few weeks, you might not help but notice an increase in the number of people who use vape pens. Functional, portable and safer than the usual cigarette – there’s no wonder why “vaping communities” are starting to sprout all over town.

    What Are Vape Pens?

    Vape pens are electronic devices which are used by many tobacco users. These are considered alternatives who want to experience the satisfaction and sensation associated with smoking, without the dangers brought about by burning and combustion of chemical materials.

    A vape pen functions like an electronic cigarette, which simply heats a substance (usually wax, dry blends or oils) in order to produce vapour. These substances can contain nicotine, but some others do not and are simply essential oils.The vapor from the pen can then be inhaled just like regular cigarette smoke.

    Instead of looking or appearing like regular cigarettes, vape pens have a fountain-pen like appearance. Unlike first generation e-cigarettes which are slim, vape pens are on the stubbier side to accommodate a chamber for the substance or refill.

    Because vape pens are refillable, users no longer need to buy stick after stick but only have to purchase one pen, and then buy refills along the way.

    Is It Safer?

    While there is growing concern over vape pens especially the fact that they are similar to cigarettes, they are considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Using vape pens allows smokers to continue with the sensation of smoking without having to deal with carcinogens and chemicals that are byproducts of the smoking process.

    Because the smoke produced by vape pens is actually vapor – they become mists that eventually evaporate in the air. This technology allows vape pens to be used indoors as they do not pose any harm to bystanders and people surrounding the smoker. More than that – smokers (and their family and friends) do not have to contend with having their houses, cars and clothes smelling like cigarette smoke.

    These pens are also marketed as an aid for tobacco cessation, and can actually help smokers slow down on cigarette usage, until finally stopping and vaping only essential oils.

    What Does The Government Say?

    Because the vape pen technology is relatively new, there are limited studies on the safety of the product. Likewise, there is also no regulating body that supervises the manufacturing and distribution of the devices. In 2009, the FDA is regulating these products as “tobacco products” and currently solicits information on adverse effects of these cigarettes.

    While it can be used safely indoors, it is currently banned in workplaces. In other states, its use has also been curbed in public places of gathering like streets and public utility vehicles. Of course, like any tobacco product, and is strictly for sale to adults only and should not be sold to minors.

    Should You Vape?

    With vape pens being regulated similarly to cigarettes, is it just as wise to start vaping, or should one just continue smoking instead? While the best thing is to give up the habit altogether, many experts recommend that it is definitely a wiser choice to start vaping and give up smoking.

    Smoking is no longer a desirable habit, and is seen as something filthy. Smokers are shunned, isolated and forced to go out or stay in small smoking corners in many establishments. Vaping frees smokers of this stigma by allowing them to smoke without worrying about damaging the health of other people.

    On the plus side, it is definitely a healthier alternative for smokers. Users will still inhale nicotine, which is generally the addictive compound in cigarette, but will no longer be consuming thousands of chemicals that are burned in tobacco. It is also cheaper alternative, too. One may need to shell out on the actual vape pen today, but will no longer need to buy anything else except for the refills for your pen.

    Given these, it is easy to understand why people are buying the device as alternatives. It makes a lot of sense due to the fact that they are indeed better options – and may be a good choice for you or people close to you who may want to kick the habit.

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